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Artturi is active visual artist, living in Turku, Finland. Artturi’s artistic interests and works are about creative coding, VJing and projection mappings. He has worked in many fields of media and art productions and has lectured in numerous events and panel discussions including academic and city development fields. Artturi has taught projection mappings at Turku Polytechnics, Arts academy, in Turku Finland. Artturi has worked as a VJ (Videojockey Turu Sanoma) in many media festivals and for several international artists and groups mostly in Europe, actively bringing new artists and phenomenas to his hometown Turku.

Artturi has good knowledge on programming, microcontrollers and physical computing. He has participated in various hackathons, as a judge, tutor and participant.

Artturi has excellent skills in collaborating with various institutions and organizations and knows how to make things happen. He is also creative mind with skills for learning new. Artturi is highly motivated team player that has great visual eye with skills to execute complex tasks, both in practice and in theory, and is a true creative motivator.